What happens in a fairy circle – stays in a fairy circle

Tania Stupnikova
What happens in a fairy circle – stays in a fairy circle
Mixed media (acrylic, watercolor pencils) on canvas
65×85 cm
KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Price: 490 EUR

This abandoned and neglected place is not and should not be a refuge for magical creatures. They lived in their own home, but the disaster drove them out of native place, forcing them to seek shelter. Here they are trapped, cut off from their natural environment.
A swamp witch is standing on a magic stone, focused on summoning magical powers. Forest creatures have gathered around her, they look at the viewer with hope – this is how a street cat looks, who wants to believe that you are the one who will shelter her.
But usually such hopes are in vain.
I wanted to remind about the insurmountable difficulties faced by any creatures separated from their roots and lineage. At the same time, I wanted to show that hope for external help is as futile as the hopes of these creatures.
But I believe that on their own they will surely succeed – one way or another, with or without magic, they will return home – or bring their home to wherever fate has taken them.
If you want to hide them in yourself – write to me.