Tania Stupnikova
Mixed media (acrylic, watercolor pencils) on canvas
75×75 cm
KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Price: 480 EUR

The image of a wasp devouring a UFO came to me by itself. I am actually very afraid of wasps, but I find them to be very strange and beautiful creatures.
Sometimes horrors are senseless, I don’t like them – it’s usually all mystical and otherworldly. I don’t see the point in it, so I’m bored and I don’t like it. But I really like horror stories about predatory animals – from a ferret to an Alien. Because I understand their logic. In addition to wasp. Some kind of evil and unpleasant insect – it does not like you and stings simply because of a bad mood.
At first, I thought that the wasp would be bad for me.
And then she drew and thought about it – after all, it seems that they are her children, and she protects them. I didn’t think like that when I was painting, but it turns out that way. Often in paintings, the subconscious takes over. So I believe that the wasp in the picture is protecting its babies.