Artist Statement

One world has never been enough for me.

In my childhood, I sought a new reality within books, where I traveled to other planets and met extraordinary beings. It seemed that our ordinary world could transform into something greater, into another place, and I searched for hints within it – hints of magnificent creatures and wondrous opportunities. In my eyes, doors to another world were everywhere, hidden within the folds of reality. I was imaginating that someone lived there, or that one could simply glimpse into that world. Perhaps, many fairy tales and stories originated from these hidden pockets.

However, as I grew up, I lost touch with my worlds. I buried my imagination and followed the path of ordinary adult life – simple yet filled with human values. Everything changed when I accidentally picked up a brush.

With that brush, all my worlds returned to me.

It didn’t happen overnight. At first, I simply depicted what I saw, but gradually I started transforming reality into what existed only in my imagination. The creative journey was filled with experimentation, and the scars of war left a profound impact on some of my works. Nevertheless, I remained true to myself, like a traveler returning home after many years. I returned to the worlds of my childhood. I want to show people that there is always an escape from reality to beautiful or haunting places, and we should not confine ourselves to our own world alone.

Furthermore, through my creative path, I have come to understand the philosophical concept of “the death of the author” formulated by the French philosopher and literary critic Roland Barthes. According to Barthes, the creative act has no individual character and is not tied to the personality of a specific author. After the birth of the text, the author “dies,” and the text begins to live its own life in the consciousness of each individual reader. Thus, the main role is attributed to the reader, as it is through their interpretations that the text comes alive.

My works invite people on a journey into the realms of fantasy and imagination, where everyone can find reflections of their desires, concerns, and memories. It is an invitation to immerse oneself in the magic where reality becomes multi-faceted and boundless. I create a bridge between my creative world and the world of the viewer, where each person can feel a part of my story.

Similarly, I also want to assign a central role to the viewer. I want each person to see in my paintings what resonates with them personally, what feels familiar, and what captivates them. I believe that any event, any concept has the right to be interpreted in one’s own unique way. And it is at the point where a connection is established between my paintings and the viewer that art is born. The paintings themselves are not alive; they are brought to life by the viewer who sees the fusion of their inner world with my reality.

My paintings are not just objects of art; they are portals to the unexplored. They inspire, provoke thoughts, and encourage the exploration of new depths of consciousness. I combine different techniques, colors, and symbols to create visual expressiveness that magnetically attracts the gaze.

Through my works, I hope to convey the viewer the freedom of their own interpretations. Each person can feel the emotional touch of my art and find echoes of their own experiences within it. I want everyone who encounters my paintings to feel like an active participant in the creative process, a creator of their own story.