About me

I was born in Kyiv in 1976,  started painting in 2018.

I work mostly with acrylic because of its environmental friendliness, I use mixed techniques to give the works more expressiveness.

I create paintings in the style of fantastic realism, because I am a person who looks for magic in every moment of life. Sometimes I paint windows to other worlds, sometimes – magical creatures lost in our world.

I show people that the ordinary world can be just as infinite as the world of our imagination.



Publication (Issue cover) – fresh HELL

Anima Mundi Academia
Exhibition – “Beyond Limitations

Unicef Slovensko & IOM
Personal exhibition – Magic Realms

Art Cabbage
Publication – Visual Arts

Art space of Dniprovsky district, Kyiv
Exhibition – The twelve faces of inspiration

Golden Duck & TeraVarna
Exhibition – “1st Budapest International Art Show

Exhibition – “5th Still life


Gallerya 118
Exhibition – “Yellow blue


Colors of Life, Non-Governmental Organization
Exhibition – “Art workshop”

Maternal Art Magazine
Maternal art during quarantine

Zdes’ na Taganke
Exhibition – “Watching the earthlings”

2021Course “Mobile photographers” from Regina Bakirova