The Spaghetti Monster Bathing

Tania Stupnikova
The Spaghetti Monster Bathing
Acrylic on canvas
75×75 cm
KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Price: 490 EUR

I consider Pastafarianism to be the most exciting religion in the world. It is a “parody” religion founded by Bobby Henderson in 2005 in protest against the Kansas Department of Education’s decision to introduce the concept of “intelligent design” into the school curriculum as an alternative to the teaching of evolution.
The Commandments of the Flying Noodle Monster are called the “Eight “Thou Shalt Not Do This”, and they are truly the most humane and tolerant commandments in the world (in the “new” testament they are slightly different, but still beautiful). If you haven’t already, read them and there will be one more Pastafarian in the world.
The picture is written instead of what we had to leave behind in Ukraine when we fled the war. But the opportunity to celebrate the Flying Macaroni Monster is important, so I paint one more. ))))
For the glory of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Ramen!