Eva, open the door!

Tania Stupnikova
Eva, open the door!
Acrylic on canvas
55×55 cm
KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Price: 250 EUR

When I see a new picture in my mind’s eye, most of the time I’m pushing off something in real life. Sometimes it’s the little details that spark my imagination.
We were returning from tutoring and my daughter saw a plant behind the translucent doors of the house. Look, she says, how it looks like some alien monster!
I looked – and really!
I think: I must draw it, this monster!
I reasoned for a long time, twisted it this way and that way, but in the end the monster did not turn out. It turned out Eve and a slightly different story. Like the real Eve, she appeared almost out of nowhere and began to live her own life. She even made a decision for all of humanity.
I will put a photo of the same plant at the end of the carousel, so you can take a look. )))))