Waiting for Gerda

Tania Stupnikova
Waiting for Gerda
Acrylic on canvas
65×85 cm
KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Price: 550 EUR

Ray Bradbury has an incredible story Referent, where the alien constantly changes form, and maybe even essence, under the influence of the characteristics that the hero gives him. Since childhood, I felt so sorry for that alien, because he has no form and name, he just is, he does not want to be something that others see him as.
I feel my paintings as that alien. Yes, I put a part of myself in them, but I want them to live their own lives. So I will not explain how to understand the picture.
But the creation story is something else, I can share that. I came up with this picture when I was listening to a song about the fact that fairy tales are not what they seem. So I thought the Snow Queen’s castle might be a little different too. And there may be many beings who could not gather the word “Eternity”. Now only Gerda can help them…