Take care of the cockroaches in your head

Tania Stupnikova
Take care of the cockroaches in your head
Acrylic on canvas
80×80 cm
KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Price: 795 EUR

In our culture, we often say that strange people have cockroaches in their heads. While this might have been an insult once, nowadays it’s used to highlight someone’s uniqueness. People often say you should love the cockroaches in your head, meaning that these quirks make you special, make you who you are.
I had painted a piece on this theme before, but I wanted to create a more refined version. This new painting also has a subtle message that another artist pointed out: after we’re gone, our cockroaches remain. In my case, they will stay through my paintings, but everyone has their own cockroaches, and they will remain in their own way.