Sorry, I have nowhere to go home to

Tania Stupnikova
Sorry, I have nowhere to go home to
Acrylic on canvas
60×60 cm
Košice, Slovakia
Price: 595 EUR

I often reflect on the themes of refuge and emigration. Changing your homeland makes you incredibly vulnerable.
I haven’t seen much art that delves into this topic, but it’s something that deeply concerns me. We will never be able to live the same life, even when the war ends, and we will never truly belong here, no matter which country we choose. We can never fully return; there will always be a part of another country within us, an awareness that another life is possible. Our cozy bubble has burst forever, and nothing will ever be the same again. Even when the war ends.
Luckily, I adapt quite quickly. I really like Slovakia and the Slovak people; their mentality is very close to mine. The city of Košice reminds me of the Kyiv of my childhood, the Kyiv of the ’80s, still green and not marred by total overdevelopment.
But a part of my heart will always remain in Ukraine.