Rule of two walls

Tania Stupnikova
Rule of two walls
Mixed media (acrylic, watercolor pencils) on canvas
65×85 cm
KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Price: 550 EUR

Fortunately, these words usually mean nothing to ordinary people. Unfortunately, these words mean a lot to Ukrainians.
In our “soviet” buildings, when there are no bomb shelters (and there are none), then only the rule of two walls can save from a missile. Not always, not in every house – but usually. This rule works when the house has two concrete walls – the outer one and the one in the corridor. Then, if there is no direct hit, there is a chance to survive. Not after every projectile, but there is.
In some houses you can hide in the bathroom – in ours you can’t, in ours it’s a “box” that folds together with you.
So, in fact, a child can only hide in the world of his imagination. In a world where a monster will crawl out from under the bed and hide you from the hostile world.
This picture was created within the framework of the Ukrainian project “UnChildLike world”. We are currently looking for sites and opportunities. So the picture is not for sale yet, but you can order a print, or you can reserve a painting to receive it after the exhibition tour.