Not on my watch

Tania Stupnikova
Not on my watch
Acrylic on canvas
45×65 cm
KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Price: 200 EUR

The demon of death will not take over the world as long as Ukraine stands guard over peace and life.
It so happened that at the very beginning of Russia’s insidious attack on Ukraine. In Japan, a stone was broken in which the spirit of death Tamamo-no-Mae was imprisoned. This is an evil demon with nine tails, the release of which can lead to the destruction of the universe. If we assume that this is true, it was the war that woke up the demon – because the stone split immediately after the beginning of the attack on Ukraine.
But I am sure that the spirit of Ukrainians is so strong that we can deal with any demon. I am convinced that the support of the civilized world will help us not to imprison that demon, but to kill him once and for all. That this horror never happened again.